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About Us

Shah Investment Consultants

At Shah Investment Consultants, we adopt a structured and disciplined advisory approach and provide you portfolio solutions which meet your desired financial goals and milestones. We offer you a complete range of solutions that complement our advisory services. The range includes a combination of best of breed proprietary and non proprietary (third party) products. The approach is to recommend you product solutions within your overall asset allocation in an unbiased manner after evaluating all the options available in the market.

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Our Services

We offer a wide range of services to help our clients grow and thrive

Dedicated Personal Touch

By assigning every individual in our team-specific companies we believe giving the client specialized advisory services in pace.

Quick approval

On the spot approval and instant support from our advisors.

Trust & Ethical Practice

Independent and unbiased financial advice trusted by many individuals & businesses.

Have access to your MF Portfolio

At Your Fingertips

Tracking your portfolio is simple to use, fast, convenient and easy to deploy. Your mutual fund folio is as close to you as your mobile

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